Gen why?..

There’s this road,

Through a sore drivers eyes it would seem to be a simple thoroughfare.

Gravel road

A potentially helpful convenience for those who are hopeful enough of an early arrival, to naively bypass the traffic and head for clear road to the side of them.

From the curb of the path, bright street lanterns are briefly visible before the turn.

Hence they fail to notice at first, the way the road suddenly stops at rough gravel, along with the gradual but relevant lack of street lanterns along the path.
It seems less easily obvious to imagine that an abrupt end to the road would occur.

So strong is their belief that no road structure should end its passage entirely without meaning, that they keep going.

Until the road fully reveals itself to be a dead end, in the form of a few pathetic rustic poles with a single out door lantern.

It’s not a particularly long road.

It’s not even brightly lit enough to seem as if it really belongs there at all.

It’s something you’re more likely to potentially notice whilst wondering a suburban street at night, that one lantern that stands less then a meter high leading up the paths decoratively doing pretty much nothing up to the front doors.

The thought of  turning it into a short cut was an easily perceived lie.

Although all along the way there had been distinctive signs in the form of clues that indicated that road had become unreliable.
And so it did indeed seem that the road was rather pointless.

There wasn’t much going for it at all.

It was an underpopulated street.

Less then 4 minuets drive and the smooth road had already abruptly turned in to gravel.

A few more meters and the provided lanterns had also failed to carry out the source of light once promised to their drivers.

Instead their presence became inconveniently replaced with thick trees that prevented even enough clearing to facilitate a driveway.

Let alone a house.

What if the drivers of these cars crashed into one of the lantern posts turned tree?

Who would even notice?

It really did seem as if the council had planned to start a new housing project to finish off this pointless street, but, like most council’s, they just never got around to finishing the job.

Such a shame for all of those weary eyed night drivers with their hopeless beliefs that something would come from the decision they made to trust the illusion of getting home quicker, of avoiding the traffic and the possibility of getting stuck at red light.

It’s a case of the hope for convenience leading to the inevitable inconvenience of having to turn back, to simply continue on with their common route, and more then likely leading to being stopped 5 minutes later by a red light or even a pedestrian crossing though the town.

Even though all the way back at the start before they’d have even turned in to the inconvenience this road was, there had never been a street sign.

There weren’t any houses or of all other things, even a speed limit, that would so readily have made it clear that the “lie” of a short cut never really existed at all.
It really all came down to perception and expectation.
In this case, the drivers fed the idea that there wouldn’t be a road if it didn’t go anywhere all by themselves.

Yet there it was..

The road to no one and nowhere.

Although within the dark, the lack of street signs that were so  easily missed,  would have, in the light of day, reveled that the pointless road wasn’t at all like its surrounding streets.

It wasn’t as pretty or as polished.

If the drivers had walked up it with a little more light, they might have noticed the moss on the thick trees and that mushrooms of different colors scattered through out the over grown grass,.

Or that  the flowers were by far out numbered by weeds.

And all the  other things that were so completely out of place such as the flat soccer ball and the occasional shoe.

Or that the rustic poles with the pathetic lantern which seemed to lead to an over grown walk way, which actually  didn’t lead to much at all.

Although that shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore.

I’d become so used to it all, this perception deception, that I’d occasionally take someone to sit on this road with me and watch the comings and goings of the perpetually deceived.

I’d always tell them “we’re going to count cars.” Most if not all would  seem confused, leading to the question as to why, I’v always responded with “they’ll all turn back.”.

Although I’d always answered my audiences perplexed questions about what was going on, to be honest, I didn’t actually waste my time counting the number of cars that turned into the road to nowhere.

That’s such a rookie move.

As far as I’ve realized, once you’ve seen one car go in, you’ve seen them all.
Some nights none show up at all and it’s more for this reason, that I like it here better at night.

Most days are full of meaningless uninvited interactions with the same kind of simple minded individuals, that indeed would have definitely complained about the inconvenience that little old pointless road had caused them.

They’d never have considered that, on some nights, a pointless underpopulated road leading to nowhere is, exactly the right destination.


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